Are performace reviews miserable for you and your staff?

  • Fight vague feedback and make reviews super simple
  • Automatically gather useful, specific review notes
  • Stop the suffering and have great reviews!
Yep, we've done performance reviews. And they used to suck. Now, I feel seen and appreciated. Uptick un-sucked our performance reviews!
Don't be 😯 "that" person

Uptick helps you avoid this painful type of Performance Review Writer's Block — and remember everything you need to include in everyone's upcoming performance review. It's time to forget less, remember more, and hold better performance reviews that make people happy!

provide useful, specific feedback
You need the specifics. Uptick gathers the job performance info you need.
stop writing painful, uninformed reviews
Be human. Be relatable. Remember the things that matter.

Laura did an amazing job this quarter because she is such a smart and resourceful person

Uptick does the grunt work for you

Use Uptick to remind you to enter your real-time feedback. Then, you’ll receive notifications reminding you to enter feedback for your staff. You don’t have to remember, and your staff receive feedback that’s been gathered as it happens. All using the tools you already use!

easily set up a schedule of reminders
Reminders help everyone to remember to add little performance notes
never go into another performance review blind
Uptick gathers performance data into a single screen for each person
See what your team is thinking

Make it easy to be more aware of what is happening in the company. Uptick is like having a virtual one-on-one meeting with each of your team members, all the time. Now, you'll know what your team is working on and how they feel about the work they've been doing.

get visibility into day-to-day performance
Create a safe space for our employees to share what they've been working on
stop asking for updates. Just set it and forget it.
We designed the system so it collects and organizes the information you need

Let's Fix It

Every company wants to retain their very best employees. Are competitive salaries, extensive benefits and cool office environments enough? Nope.
Keep Great People

Your best staff want you to know them – what they're good at and how they can grow. Uptick burns away the fog of vague feedback and makes top-performers better, happier and more likely to stay with you.

Be Open and Honest

Employees often worry they’re not meeting expectations and managers feel out of the loop. What's everyone up to? Uptick solves this by increasing meaningful feedback and communication.

Invest in Your Team

Do you want to know where your employees hope to grow professionally and personally? Ask them. Uptick gives you what you need to facilitate the conversations that help you develop your people.

Our guide to preventing vague, unhelpful feedback

Why do managers and employees dread performance reviews? They're often hastily put together, and they don't address specific areas of accomplishment and growth. Nobody is happy! It doesn't have to be that way. Your managers can give terrific reviews! Find out how...


What are people saying?

“I used to do this all through email, Google Forms, and spreadsheets. Now it’s all in one place. Uptick really helps us hold clear performance and development conversations.”

Chris Zaugg
OPIN Systems, Minnesota

"What really inspires people is a personal, authentic, one-on-one connection. That's what Uptick helps with. It helps you hold better, more productive conversations. It truly makes our business more human — and it makes me a better person."

Anthony Deloso
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